AMKA - American Midwest Konkani Association

About Us

The American Midwest Konkani Association, also known as AMKA, is an organization of Konkani families

in the Midwest. Started in the mid 1980s initially with a few families, the membership has steadily grown

over the years to include well over a hundred families.

Membership is open to anyone of Konkani heritage. AMKA members meet and celebrate Ugadi and Diwali

the highlight of which is an entertainment program open to adults and children, as well as a meal with

traditional Konkani delicacies. Another annual event is the AMKA picnic which is usually an outdoor event

with music, games and great food. AMKA members also meet periodically for other events such as

community service, sports events or just to meet and connect. As a result of AMKA, Konkani culture is

alive and vibrant in the Midwest.