AMKA - American Midwest Konkani Association

Ugadi 2014

AMKA Ugadi 2014 was held this year at the Community House in Hinsdale on April 19th. Due to the venue change the event started at 5pm with registration and payment of the 2014 membership fee.


After registration members enjoyed a snack and assembled in the auditorium for the program. The 2 MCs, who were more like stand-up comedians, introduced the performers. They "dressed" for the occasion with costume changes and entertained the audience with some excellent "chat".


The program started with a few bhajans followed by several ages of children performing a fashion parade in different trendy dresses. This year the highlight was a group of children performing a Konkani play written and directed by Jyoti Rao, our entertainment Committee Member. Ofcourse the finale was a Konkani play written and directed by our very own Jatin Kulkarni.


This year the President's speech consisted of a 2 minute silence for the loss of one our own, Narahari Vithob Chittal, Venkat Mam. We also celebrated the engagement of Sucheta & Sanjay Savkur's son, Kushal to Ariel. Savkur's sponsored a dessert to mark this special occasion.


We were also able to unveil the new AMKA logo banner at the Event. We ended the event by serving dinner and prasad. Overall, the Event was a great success with more than usual turnout and excellent participation.


AMKA thanks folks for being part of the Ugadi 2014 Event and looks forward to excellent participation at the next Event planned at FMSC.

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